About Me

I started Kids Vs. Copy in 2016 to celebrate all things literary and family (and the inevitable chaos that comes with being a mum who spends her time dreaming up romantic plot lines…) We’re big on imagination in our house and we love to explore the Bath countryside where we live.

I blog about the realities and pressures of modern family life, as well as subjects that are close to all our hearts; days out, recipe ideas, ‘imaginative play’, books we enjoy and, of course, writing romantic fiction. It’s honest, amusing (I hope!) and relatable.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Since then i’ve been helping to raise awareness in the importance of an early diagnosis for this type of cancer, especially in young women.

I’m also a Huff Post UK Blogger and a number of my articles, about parenting and health, have been featured in the Lifestyle & Parenting sections.

Catherine is a former TV Producer who started out as a Runner on Blind Date. She moved into Music TV (MTV, T4) before ending up in film and drama production, with a brief (two year) flirtation at the BBC’s Natural History Unit thrown in there as well.

During her career she’s been lucky enough to travel all over the world, working with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, MTV, Walden Media, Warner Bros & 20th Century Fox, amongst many others. Catherine is now mummy to two little girls who keep her on her toes far more than any stroppy pop star or A-Lister.