*Book Review Week – Julia Donaldson: My Children’s Favourites & Why (In Their Own Words)

My final post for the Kids Vs Copy Book Review Week is all about Julia Donaldson. I could wax lyrical about her rhyming couplets but that’s a bit Guardian Books for my liking. Instead, I’m going to let my kids take the lead which is much more fun. I’ve asked them to choose three Julia Donaldson books each and explain why they love them so much (in ways that only a child can…)

NB: I’m going to be controversial. I asked them NOT to include The Gruffalo because, lets face it, the whole world and his – erm – Gruffalo loves this book. Instead, I asked them to choose books that really jumped out of the bookshelf at them. Ones that captured their imagination. To get some context about reading ages, Jess is 4 and Emily is 6.

Here’s what my girls had to say:



Rabbit’s Nap: Rabbit is trying to get to sleep but everyone is being noisy. Just who IS keeping Rabbit awake? 

  • “I like it because it makes me all sleepy at bedtime”
  • “Bunny cuddles a Dolly in bed and I find it funny because I cuddle a bunny. And a duck.”
  • “I love the flappy things and looking under them with mummy.”


One Ted Falls Out of Bed: A simple rhyming book for young children as they follow the nighttime adventures of One Ted.

  • “Sometimes my toys fall out of bed and I don’t know where they are. Are they trying to get back for a cuddle too, mummy?”
  • “I like the numbers. I can count to 10 too… 1,2,3…”
  • “I like the musical frogs. They look funny! They have very long legs.”


Superworm: Superworm saves everyone but who’s going to save HIM when he gets captured by a wicked lizard?

  • “I like it because superworm helps people and makes them happy again. Helping people makes people happy. ”
  • “The lizard is naughty and needs to go to the rubbish dump. Naughty, naughty, naughty, naughty!”
  • “What’s a lasso, mummy?”



The Detective Dog: All the books at Peter’s school have gone missing… Only Detective Dog Nell can save the day!

  • “The cute dog likes the booky smell like me. She likes going to the library like me too.”
  • “I like the journey through town past all the shops. The pictures are really cool.”
  • “Mummy, can we get a dog?’


Jack & The Flum Flum Tree: Jack’s Granny is sick with the moozles. And the only cure is the fruit of the flumflum tree which grows on a faraway island

  • “I love this book because Grandma bought it for me. And she loves it too. It’s really exciting!’
  • “It makes me giggle when they go to the island of Blowyernose. It’s like Blow Your Nose but written funny.”
  • “Can we have it for bedtime tonight, mummy?”


Tabby McTat: Tabby McTat is a busker’s cat. One day he gets separated from his owner, Fred. Will he ever find Fred and happiness again?

  • “I love this book because Tabby sings a bit loudly like you, mummy.”
  • “He gets a bit sad and lost but then he finds a new home and has babies.”
  • “It has a really happy ending. Everybody ends up happy and smiley.”


Like and comment if your little one shares the same opinions as mine!



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