Having a Breast Biopsy: My Experience

I feel like I’m on a medical juggernaut at the moment, one that’s driven by that crazy truck driver from the movie, ‘Duel’. It’s careering all over the road and that’s me, over by the back bumper, hanging onto the number plate by my fingernails.

That’s the real kicker with The Big C… suddenly your whole body is under scrutiny. Every lump and bump has to be analysed as a ‘potential spread’. One incidental finding of my recent CT scan was a small breast lump, so yesterday I trotted off back to Bath RUH – fast becoming my second home – to have an ultrasound and a biopsy performed.

Good news. The lovely sonographer was 99% sure it’s benign but because of the small tumor in my colon (or ‘The Baddie’ as my 4 year old likes to call it), a biopsy was performed just in case.

I don’t like needles. I certainly don’t like big fuck-off biopsy ones. But after months of endless blood tests and the rest I think my tolerance for that ‘sharp stingy pain’ is finally growing.

I lay on my side whilst the sonographer located the lump, then with her other hand she gently inserted a needle with the local anesthetic. That was the most painful part but I found it no worse than receiving a cannula in the back of my hand.

Next came the actual biopsy extraction. The contraption sounded like a gun but I didn’t feel a thing. Two clicks of the trigger and it was all over. The whole procedure was done and dusted in two minutes. Butterfly stitches and a waterproof dressing were applied. I was advised not to lift anything heavy for the next day or two (sorry kids) and sent packing with an information leaflet. Results are in next Monday…. Hurrah!

With this post I want to debunk the myth that simple hospital procedures = huge amounts of pain. 1 in 2 of us will develop cancer in our lifetime. 1 in 2. That’s an awful statistic. But you can beat ‘The Baddie’ by catching it early.

If you find a breast lump, ladies, get it checked. It’s most likely nothing. 80-85% of breast lumps are benign. I don’t know about you but I’ll take that ‘sharp stingy pain’ and an early diagnosis over the alternative any day of the week.


Breast Cancer can cause the following symptoms:

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  1. June 18, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    I just love that your 4 year old calls it ‘The Baddie’. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrows results lovely – and thanks for sharing that picture of what to look for. So so important. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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