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In June I was diagnosed with cancer. How did I react? I wrote a book. Not a book about cancer, admittedly (I like to rant and rave about all that on this blog 🤣). Instead I chose to write a contemporary romance about feisty women, sexy men and exotic locations, and something that removed me as far away as possible from oncology rooms and hospital wards.

Two years ago I wrote the very first synopsis for ‘Eyes To The Wind’. The story idea was subsequently shortlisted for an international book competition that was open to all unpublished authors. In the end I finished that version of the book but I never pursued it, even when the publishing world was showing an interest. My lead character, Jake Dalton, has existed in my head for decades, often presenting himself in different guises in other books that I’ve written under pseudonyms, but I’ve never felt like I’ve done him justice. Not until now. Not until The Waiting.

No one tells you about this part of a cancer diagnosis. Blood tests, pre-op assessments, chemotherapy sessions and oncologist appointments all involve considerable amounts of The Waiting. To cope with the monotony of it all, I retreated into my safe space, my writing space, and there I found Jake again. I took the original manuscript and completely re-wrote it, moulding the book into something that I would like to read and not what I thought the publishing world wanted.

Like so many others, cancer has devastated my family in recent years. No words are adequate to describe the anger that I have felt towards this indiscriminate disease. There are no oceans wide enough for the tears I’ve shed.

In light of this, 50% of the revenue from every copy of sold will automatically go to a cancer charity to help fund vital research and support. I am forever hopeful that we will find a cure for cancer in our lifetime.

Release date: 01.12.17.




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