Hatley: A springtime love affair

There’s a reason why spring is my favourite season… it’s time to crack open the kids’ Hatley raincoats again – hurrah!

I first discovered Hatley when Emily was eighteen months old. I was making a beeline for the café in my local John Lewis when an explosion of colour diverted me…

There they were. Every print as gorgeous as the last, and the coat material was so soft. I had to buy one. Before I could say, ‘extra large cappuccino, please,’ I had snapped up Emily’s first coat and welly boots combo (Classic Horses, pink).

I purchased Jess’ first Hatley raincoat when she was two. She idolizes her big sister so I wasn’t surprised when she chose a similar print (Puzzle Piece Horses, blue/white/pink).

The best thing about Hatley raincoats is that, unlike cheaper alternatives, they tend to last for ages. The stitching holds, no matter what crazy antics my kids get up to, and I’ve never had any incidences of ripping. The coats come up a little on the big side as well. Jess turned four last week and I’m only just thinking about purchasing her a new one

Emily’s second Hatley raincoat is the Strawberries print – how gorgeous is this? And practical… There’s no way I can miss her in the school playground at 3pm now.

Hatley also do a fantastic range of clothes for kids (and adults). I’m already eyeing up these two tee dresses for Summer…. (Mother’s Day HINT!!!!!!)


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