Let’s Talk About…….. Food Supplements!

A friend asked me the yesterday about what supplements I’d incorporated into my diet since my cancer diagnosis. After my Quality Street pig-out (check out my Instagram…) I think I needed a reminder! I tend to spread these supplements over the course of a day so my system doesn’t get too overloaded:

  • For breakfast I have hot porridge made with coconut water. I add a sprinkle of milled flax & chia seeds (great for the digestive system) and a tablespoon of organic goji berries (Vit C, B6). Occasionally I also add some Manuka Honey for taste (great antibacterial properties).
  • Mid-morning, I take 1 x Vit D3 supplement, along with 3 x Omega 3 fish oil tablets to help rebuild my immune system after chemotherapy.
  • Probiotics: I need these to strengthen my digestive health but do proceed with caution. They can give you tummy ache. Or is that just me??
  • Pomi-T: A fellow cancer patient introduced me to this supplement. Each tablet contains all the goodness of turmeric, broccoli, pomegranate and green tea. It’s all about plant polyphenols which have shown to have anti-cancer properties. You can buy this online from the official website. I take 2 x tablets with dinner.
  • I tend to have a smoothie a day which incorporates a couple of teaspoonfuls of wheatgrass and spirulina, as well as the usual ginger, red berries etc… Check out my recipe here.
  • Tumuric Zinger: A small drink found it the chill aisle of Morrison’s. It’s gives me an extra boost of turmeric when needed.
  • Pass the nuts! There is increasing evidence to support the theory that a regular intake of tree nuts helps prevent colon cancer recurrence… I tend to stick to a handful of cashew nuts a day (raw or chucked into a stir fry).
  • I’ve also made subtle switches to eating tender stem broccoli instead of the regular sort, shitake mushrooms instead of button etc. I also drink herbal tea (camomile, green, jasmine).

I’m not advocating you try any or all of these, this is just what works for me. And I’m certainly not suggesting that these will cure cancer (I wish!) I have chosen to use these supplements after long discussions with my oncology team, acupuncturist and some careful research.

Please PM me if you’re interested in finding out more about any of the above.





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