New sofa confidence

There are moments in life that inspire such an over-abundance of pure, unadulterated happiness that it succeeds in blocking out the whiniest whinge of all toddler whinges. One such event took place last Saturday. It was (drum roll please…) THE PURCHASE OF A NEW SOFA.

Well the purchasing part was actually pretty fecking awful as we had two small children in tow, who insisted on single-handedly dismantling the beatific, idealistic displays in DFS, Laura Ashley, Harveys, SCS and Next.

img_2297I know, I know. I’m a shame-faced consumerist, only fit to worship at the alter of my (imaginary) SMEG fridge. But just LOOK at this beauty. And please ignore the unplastered wall and scuffed carpet in the background. We have priorities in this family, don’t you know?

God bless you Next and your ability to make two overtired parents feel like pre-kid adults again, spending exorbitant amounts of money on overpriced home wares on a rainy weekend afternoon. I even went the whole hog and bought Laura Ashley cushions to match. We may as well make those baked beans own-brand.

Selfish? Reckless? Not when 99% of our disposable income is spent on ballet classes, football, swimming lessons, pony riding, Rainbows etc, etc. None of which we begrudge our daughters in the slightest. But what happened last Saturday in that lovely (now slightly destroyed) Next showroom was a strike-back for parents everywhere. This was a purchase for US to enjoy, post 7pm, wine-in-hand, fire blazing, with something that definitely wasn’t Paw Patrol on the TV screen.

Until 11pm when the toddler woke up complaining of stomachache. FFS. Still, those four stylish, perfectly comfortable hours were bliss…


Our new sofa was from NEXT, Ashford range. And what a thing of beauty it is too!

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