My School Run Beauty Essentials

Since becoming a mum I find there isn’t a lot of  ‘me-time’ in the mornings. As for a head-start to the day? No chance. I refuse to get out of bed unless one of my children sits on me!

I always have time for my school run beauty essentials though. Ones I can apply at warp speed somewhere in between Paw Patrol and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. This is my ten minute window to make myself look presentable to the outside world. The kids are already dressed but the tricky task of cleaning their teeth is yet to come…

Here are my Five Beauty Essentials for every morning:

  1. Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Creme De Jour Hydratante. One of the best things I inherited from my mum is her good skin. It requires very little maintenance, other than the odd spot, dry patch and thread vein. I lather this cream on, every night and every morning. The same routine since I was fourteen. It’s great for all skin types and not greasy in the slightest, which I find with some of the more expensive face creams. When I’m in a rush I tend to use this as a primer as well. Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Creme De Jour Hydratante, £13.
  2. YSL Touche Eclat Illuminating Pen. Mum’s best friend. The concealer for all that’s wicked about your child’s sleep patterns. I couldn’t do without this product. It’s like a little ray of sunshine for my face! My skin’s quite fair so I use the lightest shade. It comes in ten different radiant shades though to suit all skin colours. YSL Touche Eclat Illuminating Pen, £25.50
  3. Good Make Up Brushes. I use BareMinerals make-up as my foundation and finishing powder. It’s light and easy on my face but it requires good brushes to achieve the best coverage. I find these large BareMinerals brushes perfect. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and are very versatile. BareMinerals Full Flawless Application Face Brush, £24.
  4. Chanel’s Allure Eau De Toilette. I used to be so fickle with perfume but since the kids came along i’ve used only this. When I was growing up I loved the smell of my mum’s perfume (Chanel No. 19). It became a part of my childhood and I wanted my children to associate a similar fragrance with me. It’s a grown-up perfume. A classic Chanel fragrance; feminine, elegant and natural. Chanel’s Allure Eau De Toilette, £62-£88.
  5. Evian Water. Due to health issues, I have to drink litres and litres of water a day. Tap water tastes so chlorinated to me so I always have a bottle of Evian on the go.

What are your school run beauty essentials?








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