Sex and Cancer

You don’t find those words occupying the same sentence very often. Does it make you uncomfortable? Sick people should just do ‘sick people’ things, right? Like lie around in bed all day and puke into a bucket… Well, we do that too but occasionally we strive for a little more.

I’m often asked why I decided to write a ‘risqué’ romance novel whilst undergoing cancer treatment. I was stuck in bed for months on end. I felt discombobulated (love that word). Isolated, (that’s another). Stuff that made me feel good (like romance and writing / writing about romance) threw me a lifeline and dragged my sorry self out of the cancer whirlpool.

I didn’t want to be in that chemo ward cycle after cycle so I mentally checked out. I sent my characters on a nostalgic trip to some of the places i’ve made movies myself; Morocco, Cannes, LA… Writing transported me back to a time when I was ME and not a cancer patient/survivor/victim/warrior – delete as applicable.

I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. That I wasn’t ready for the scrap heap just yet…. I have a cancer diagnosis but I’m still Catherine/mum/wife/daughter/producer/writer – delete none, they’re all applicable.

Download a copy of my latest book and ALL PROCEEDS will go to Bowel Cancer UK. You don’t even need to have a kindle, just a tablet/smart phone and an open mind… Fuck it, even if you don’t like a bit of sex and glamour buy the damn thing anyway. You’re still donating to a brilliant cause.

Thanks for all your amazing support so far xx


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