The Sunshine Blogger Quiz

Thanks to Bec at Kizmetcava for tagging me in on The Sunshine Blogger Quiz. What a great way to sprinkle some happiness onto a rainy Sunday afternoon. Roll on lazy summer evenings, huge jugs of Pimms & Havaiana flip flops…

Here are the ten questions Bec gave me to answer:


When do you feel most yourself?

At home in my PJs, snuggled up on the sofa with Matt and the kids. We’re watching something Disney and Emily’s hogged all the home-made popcorn as usual!

What do you do to switch off? I mean, really switch off?

Write! That’s the brilliant thing about my day job (romance author) – I can instantly transport myself to another world. It’s usually a very exotic one with lots of private jets and tall, dark & handsome men…

What makes your blood boil?

Arrogant, pig-headed, entitled billionaire white men i.e. Donald Trump. I’ve given up watching the news at the moment. I end up shouting at the television and waking the kids up.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Getting blind drunk and snogging my now-husband in front of my Dad at his 60th birthday party. I thought we were alone in the marquee but apparently not! He hasn’t let me live it down since *cringe*

It’s Wednesday night… water or wine?

Water if I’m going for a run. Wine if I’ve booked a 2 for 1 cinema night with the girls and we have time for a cheeky one beforehand!

Where, if anywhere, would you want to revisit?

California. I’ve been so lucky to travel there on four different occasions but I’m like a boomerang – I keep going back! I haven’t visited since the kids came along and I’m seriously pining but Matt’s promised to treat me and the kids for my 40th. Two years to go and I can’t wait!

What is the creepiest thing you have ever seen?

I’m always seeing funny things… I’m a bit weird like that! The worst has to be a little boy crouching in the corner of my bedroom in the South of France. It was a barn conversion (centuries old) and I was staying there with my parents. I was so freaked out I ran screaming into their room. When I returned an hour later he was gone… Eeek.

What is you favourite board game?

Snap! My kids can play as well now and we all get far too involved. Accusations of cheating from my three year old are hilarious. She’s more competitive than me!

Do you have a party trick?

Name-dropping all the naughty celebrities I’ve encountered over the years. For the price of a vino, I’ll share what I know 🙂

What do you wish you could do, but can’t?

Clone myself. Then I’d be able to get both children dressed and fed by 8:30am on a Monday morning without all three of us losing our shit!

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