Some days I want to hide under the covers until the storm of you has passed. Some days I don’t want to lose my temper because ‘I’ve asked you nicely ten times’ but those school shoes are still not attached to your feet. Some days I don’t want to be the referee as you and your sister bite and scratch… View Post

We love books in our house. Our bookshelves are overflowing with trips to Narnia and Hogwarts. Today I decided to bring order to our literary chaos. I did this by dividing the books up into two categories – 0-5yrs (Jess) and 6+ (Emily). Now each girl has an age appropriate range of stories in their bedroom. The bit before bed is the best time… View Post

My grandfather adored Charles Dickens. His favourite book was ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and I remember him reading me passages from it as a child. Sadly, he and my grandmother passed away recently. Their house is in the process of being sold and I’ve been helping mum sort through their belongings I came across my grandfather’s Charles Dickens collection… View Post

Both of my children suffered from Separation Anxiety. Every time I dropped them off at a childminder’s they would wail and scream, flinging their little arms at me like I was abandoning them on the bleak, stone steps of a Dickensian Workhouse. Back then I felt like I was splintering into a million pieces. I’d sit in my car and bawl into the steering wheel… Either that… View Post

Do you plan long car journeys right down to the last Travel Scrabble letter? Do you, like me, hate leaving things to chance because there’s nothing more painful than two tetchy, bored kids asking ‘are we nearly there yet?’ when there’s still hours to go? No parent wants to contemplate the fallout of traffic jams, overheated cars or flat tyres. Positive… View Post