‘Mummy, there’s a cake sale on tomorrow for Red Nose Day… What are you going to bake?’ I glance up from my Facebook feed, my finger hovering nervously over the ‘like’ button. That’s irony for you. The one thing I actively dislike is a school cake sale, no matter how worthwhile the charity is. I’d rather stick a tenner in… View Post

1. My Body is Amazing. It’s just created a whole new life and now it’s a walking vending machine (or a cow with ruddy udders, as one of my friends likes to call it.) I was stunned by how much that tiny dribble of golden goo (colostrum) could nourish my baby. It was like a superfood on steroids and I created it.  … View Post

I was going to compose a funny little post about school cake sales today but i’ve spent all morning chatting to friends and strangers about my postnatal depression blog. I was genuinely moved and overwhelmed by your messages of support. But i’m also furious and heart-broken that so many of you have endured similar experiences. I’ve never considered myself a crusader (I generally have my head… View Post